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Discover the Stand Up Paddle in the Indian Ocean

Enjoy SUP in the lagoon of Reunion Island

Admire the beautiful of the lagoon of Reunion island, while practicing a sport very popular. We offer Stand Up Paddle rental on the beach of the Ermitage of the water hole. We have up classic but also transparent stand up paddle to enjoy better underwater landscape.

SUP, a must-sea activity

The paddle is a sea activity accessible to all. It is a time of relaxation and ecological discovery! Access an easy sport that involves standing on a board and moving forward with a paddle. The interest of the paddle is that it can be done gently as well as sportsmanlike manner.

Exclusive stand up paddle transparent

We are the only island to offer transparent paddles! Through the window, you will discover that crawling under your board. Skip to top of corals and fish safe and happy! Our boards are inflatable, wider and therefore more stable. You can mount two without problems and without risk of falling.

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